Bringing Collaborative Action Using Local Wisdom in Indonesia

This conference will be attended by Synbio, Bioinfo, and Biotech experts

Ariel B. Lindner

French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM)

Ariel B. Lindner is a research director at INSERM where he heads the Systems Engineering and Evolution Dynamics unit (SEED; UMR1284) at the Université de Paris.

He is the co-founder of the Learning Planet Institute (formerly, Centre for Research and Interdisciplinarity) in Paris where he develops Engaged Life Science (ELIS) open research in Synthetic, Systems, and Frugal Biology to tackle health and learning challenges emanating from the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Ariel, IGEM Foundation board member, introduced synthetic biology to French universities and leads the 1st French student team to international iGEM competition since 2006.

His scientific work was published in major scientific journals as PLOS, Cell, Nature and Science.

Rizky Nurdiansyah

Lecturer of Bioinformatic in i3L University

Rizky has diverse research experiences in the Bioinformatics field. He was involved in the COVID-19 drug discovery project with Nanocenter Indonesia. He also led the research team to elucidate the vaccine candidate for malaria using the phylogenetic approach.

In terms of CSR, Rizky has been involved in IT empowerment of local primary school students and python programming training for IT teachers in East Jakarta and high school students. He was also involved as a speaker in various Bioinformatics- related webinars held by i3L, Sciencewerke Indonesia, and also Teikyo University, Japan.

Elaine Regina

Hume Design Consultancy

Elaine is an independent post-disciplinary designer with major interest in biodesign, synbio, sustainable systems and futures. Passionate and excited in learning and development of opportunities in new cutting edge innovative tech and projects; Elaine aspires to create radical design solutions that combine next-generation innovations with traditional sacred knowledge of the past that honors the earth; to foster positive impacts and changes in local communities.

Elaine has presented and displayed her design work for Biodesign Challenge 2019 in New York, Melbourne Design Week 2020 in Australia and Ocean20. Her latest illustration work is also featured in Grow: The Futures Issue by Ginkgo Bioworks.

Fitria Ayuningtyas

Lokus Foundation

Fitria Dwi Ayuningtyas (born. 1989), obtained a bachelor degree in Biology and Master degree in Biotechnology at SITH ITB, then continued pursuing PhD in Biotechnology at Osaka University Japan, focusing on research about stem cell and tissue engineering.

Currently, she is a researcher at the Research Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (RCNN) ITB while managing a joint laboratory of ITB and Olympus, named ITB-Olympus Bioimaging Center (IOBC). Together with Syaiful Garibaldi, she established the Lokus Foundation in 2021

Tyas Hikmawan

Head of Biotechnology at the Digital Transformation Office

Currently, working as Head of Biotechnology, at the Digital Transformation Office, Ministry of Health. DTO aim to establish Indonesia Biobank to study human genomics data in Indonesia. Tyas hold a PhD in Marine Science, focusing on marine microbial ecology.

After graduating from PhD program in King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), he joined Environmental Protection, Saudi Aramco in 2015.


CEO of PathGen Diagnostik Teknologi

During the pandemic of COVID-19, Susanti and her team at PathGen, in collaboration with researchers from Indonesia Institute of Sciences (LIPI) and University of Nottingham also contributes to the joint efforts to support better management of the disease in Indonesia through research, trainings and clinical molecular diagnostics.

Susanti is taking the opportunity as an instructor for online SARS-COV-2 detection training held by LIPI since April 2020. Approximately 1000 health workers have attended the online training.